“Internet 3.0 has the potential to reclaim what’s good for the people through blockchain”

The big change: On being born in a communist state and moving to Israel and America

Alex started life in Ukraine, a communist state at the time. Then, family and life took him on a journey to Israel, where he did his studies and military service, before moving to America in 1988.

On the importance of blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging technology that is slowly spreading across all sectors of industry and finance. Alex understood this technology early on and has been advocating for it ever since.

Blockchain as disruptive power

The issue of disrupting the status quo that banking institutions have enjoyed for far too long is a crucial one. Blockchain has the power to tip the balance in favor of the community that actually provides banks with deposits which give Banks all the power they have. The days when a bank can pay us nothing for monetary deposits are numbered. Banks have had it easy for a long time.

On bringing wireless access to the New York subway

Alex Mashinsky has achieved a lot during his outstanding career, no doubt about that. But one of his crowning achievements was the introduction of FREE wireless access to millions of daily commuters using the subway system in New York.

On Celsius

Alex’s latest start-up is Celsius, a project that promises to reverse 700 years of Banking and give most income back into the community that makes all the deposits, a concept unheard of in traditional banking.

On being a visionary

Alex Mashinsky has been referred to as a visionary. What the word means and what it implies may be up for debate, but I was by now aware that Alex has proved his worth time and time again. So I probed on his visionary concept.



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Alex Mashinsky

Alex Mashinsky

Founder of @CelsiusNetwork | Transit Wireless| Arbinet | Tech Innovator with over 50 patents and awards