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When we created Celsius, we saw that the crypto space needed a movement that was community-oriented.

Alex Mashinsky
3 min readJan 29, 2021

In the Summer of 2017, Celsius was just an idea dreamt up and written down on a coffee shop napkin by myself and co-founder Daniel. At the time, our ideas might have sounded unrealistic or even radical. Even today, a crypto company driven towards fighting banks, empowering the common man, and helping them achieve financial freedom sounds crazy, right?

Since then, Celsius has now crossed $5.3B in assets, a 10X year-over-year growth, and acquired over 340,000 active users worldwide. I try to remind myself every day that we are still earning the trust of new users who are entrusting their hard-earned money with us. Crypto can be a tricky business for many main street investors to understand, and just like on Wall Street, some unsuspecting folks occasionally get taken for a ride by bad actors in this industry.

When we created Celsius, we saw that the crypto space needed a movement that was community-oriented. A space that allows one to focus on financial growth because they stand on a platform that is meant to serve the community. A place where people could make their voices heard to each other about their concerns, hopes, and ambitions. And a place where Celsians could hold us directly accountable with direct, honest feedback.

Celsians trust our platform because we provide the tools that let everyday people, those who aren’t seasoned investors, make informed decisions about their investment options. Most people don’t have the luxury of analyzing crypto projects and valuations every day, and most people don’t want to feel like they’re playing a casino game with scattershot cryptocurrency valuations. Our platform was built for everyday people who work hard and want someone to act in their best interests and help them invest in their financial futures.

At Celsius, we stand by our mission to “Unbank Yourself” We want to educate the public on how banks and Wall Street have enriched themselves by using depositor’s money but turn their profits over to shareholders and employees, not their customers. We also face a battle within the crypto industry that we cannot ignore: The bad-faith actors who take advantage of the technical glitches and the lack of savvy of new users to scam people out of financial freedom and harm the reputation of the entire nascent industry.

Trust is our number one priority, and it’s why I publicize my stake in CEL for everyone in the community to see. My $214,453,211 USD in BTC, ETH, USDC, CEL, and other coins with Celsius sits right next to my fellow community member’s coins and earns the same interest on a pro-rata basis.

Trust is built when you put your money where your mouth is. The Celsius trust principle is built on actions, not words.



Alex Mashinsky

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