Bitcoin in 2021… and Beyond!

The future is bright for bitcoin, and it’s become too big to be ignored by the financial public.

Alex Mashinsky
4 min readJan 8, 2021

Happy New Year, and congratulations! After an up-and-down 2020, we finally hit the milestone I predicted back in February 2020 — Bitcoin hit $30K on January 1st, one day late. The future is bright for bitcoin, and it’s become too big to be ignored by the financial public. Suddenly, we’re talking about the mainstream adoption of BTC by larger entities, and at even higher price points! Not to mention that it’s an exciting time for DeFi and stablecoins as well.

It is definitely going to be the year of the Bull (Chinese horoscope).

Corporations like Alibaba, Uber, Airbnb, etc., cannot ignore the mainstream adoption of crypto after a $30k+ high for BTC. Celsius has launched interest income services with some of the largest players in crypto:

Line Japan with over 680m global customers, Bitfinex, Bitwalla, Mode, Voyager, Monarch, and many other world-leading crypto wallets and exchanges chose to partner with Celsius to consistently deliver the amazing BTC returns + 6.2% alpha generated by Celsius.

As we see broader adoption by institutions, corporations, and fintech players, we see the flight to quality inside the crypto community. Celsius started 2020 with just over $500m in AUM and closed 2020 with over $5B in assets. The CEL token did not stay far behind, rising by over 3,500% in 2020 alone, giving Celsius the top 20 slots of all coins and over $2.5B market cap.

Additionally, BTC is not the only cryptocurrency! There are many stablecoins to keep an eye on in 2021. Ethereum is getting close to its all-time high and is having a new wave of adoption because of ETH 2.0 and the growth of DeFi.

Other top 20 coins are gaining respect and broader use cases. Many projects like Chainlink, Polkadot, and Cardano launch 3rd generation upgrades to their blockchains that promise to eclipse the speeds and security of global networks like Visa and Mastercard.

In conclusion, we are far from the end of BTC’s rally. Since almost all of these assets have a finite supply and growing demand, and broader adoption, you can expect prices to continue and go up over time. “How much?” depends on many things but primarily on the degradation of trust in FIAT currencies like the US Dollar and the Euro and the continued MMT policy of printing larger and larger deficits to cure all ills.

We expect Bitcoin and many altcoins to hit new all-time highs during 2021 and beyond. Still, we see several corrections that will allow savvy investors to accumulate such assets at a discount.

We have been saying the same thing since 2017. There is nothing better than HODLing your BTC and earning yield on it, very few investments delivered the returns of Bitcoin over 1,3 & 5 years, and if you put the compounding Celsius yield on top, you will find NONE that beat HODL + Celsius.

If you are a believer in the blockchain and our financial freedom mission here at Celsius, then it’s an inspiring time for you. Our community has rapidly grown this year, and it’s because people see the truth. The truth is that there is an alternative option for saving and investing all in one place.

We created over 200 millionaires, and ALL our top 200 CEL token holders now have over $1m worth of coins in their wallets. While those who invested in BTC did very well those who chose to earn in CEL did so much better.

See our top 200 list here.

Wall Street is just warming up to the party with JPM, Citi, GS, and others finally recommending Bitcoin at +$30,000 only because their clients DEMAND to own this asset!

As Wall Street inches towards 1–5% allocation to digital assets, expect to see the market cap of this asset class exceed $1T in AUM and expect Celsius to maintain a 5–10% market share.



Alex Mashinsky

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