The pandemic has served as a financial wake-up call, as people have begun to realize they need a financial safety net for when things go drastically wrong.

Let’s face it — if you want to be cool these days, you have to have crypto.

A statement from Alex Mashinsky, Celsius founder and CEO

Cryptography is driving a creative disruption in the global economy that promises to dwarf the software revolution of the past ten years.

Celsius is based on the principle that our financial system can be designed to be more equitable.

When we created Celsius, we saw that the crypto space needed a movement that was community-oriented.

Most of the money in the world still lives in centralized bank like systems, we need to build bridges between CeFi and DeFi if we are to bring so many new people to Crypto.

It’s simply not realistic for the price of BTC to continuously increase at such a rapid rate.

Alex Mashinsky

Founder of @CelsiusNetwork | Transit Wireless| Arbinet | Tech Innovator with over 50 patents and awards

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