The pandemic has served as a financial wake-up call, as people have begun to realize they need a financial safety net for when things go drastically wrong.

A recent study shows that 63% of Americans have been living paycheck to paycheck since Covid hit, with no type of emergency savings. The pandemic has served as a financial wake-up call, as people have begun to realize they need a financial safety net for when things go drastically wrong.

Today surveys show that 56% of Americans plan to develop a retirement plan, and 48% want to create a household budget. We are also currently experiencing record high saving rates.

But why did it take a catastrophic global emergency for Americans to realize this? And why is financial literacy…

Let’s face it — if you want to be cool these days, you have to have crypto.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase went public this week with a valuation of nearly $100 billion — a huge coming-out party for digital assets that catapulted CEO Brian Armstrong into the class of global mega-billionaires. I’ve likened this watershed moment to the Netscape IPO in 1995, which opened the floodgates of the dot-com boom of the late 90s. In the same way that Netscape’s stunning debut introduced the world wide web to millions of people, I believe that Coinbase’s impressive showing this week will illuminate the potential and promise of cryptocurrency to the world.

Unlike many who talk about the .COM boom…

A statement from Alex Mashinsky, Celsius founder and CEO

Our security team continues to conduct a full internal investigation. So far we know that an unauthorized party managed to gain access to a third-party email distribution system to send a phishing communication through email and SMS to some Celsius customers and others. The phishing scam’s goal was to get access to recipients’ external wallets, not Celsius wallets, by leveraging the trust that our community has in us. …

This is just the beginning for Celsius.

So far, 2021 has been a year of achieving milestones for Celsius. Last month, Celsius announced that we had paid over $250 million in crypto yield to the community. A couple of weeks ago, Alpha Sigma Capital reconfirmed that Celsius is now valued at $3.1B. And just two weeks ago, we had the pleasure to announce that we have validated over $10B in digital assets.

Before I continue to explain why Celsius is one of the fastest-growing companies in fintech and what the future holds for us, I would like to first recognize all the people who have been crucial…

Cryptography is driving a creative disruption in the global economy that promises to dwarf the software revolution of the past ten years.

Note: This article first appeared on NASDAQ on February 23. Since then, there’s been an interesting development, as Citibank said that Bitcoin is at a “tipping point” and could become the preferred currency for international trade.

Just last week, Bitcoin (BTC) reached a new record high, surpassing the $50,000 mark, as billionaire Tesla (TSLA) founder Elon Musk announced that Tesla would invest $1.5 billion in the asset. ETH, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, also hit an all-time peak on Friday. Even Dogecoin (DOGE), a gag coin, launched in 2013 and based on a meme, hit record highs in…

Celsius is based on the principle that our financial system can be designed to be more equitable.

If you’re constantly following the crypto news cycle like myself, you’re seeing more and more blue-chippers getting into the bitcoin boom. Just two weeks ago, Tesla bought $1.5B worth of bitcoin. Microstrategy and Square soon followed suit. Coinbase filed its public listing. Mark your calendars, folks. The inflection point for mass adoption has arrived.

It’s also a good time for an update on Celsius Pro, our platform solution designed to meet the needs of large-scale financial institutions. …

It’s incredibly unusual to see a company take this kind of risk with corporate cash.

This week, we “crossed the chasm” from early adopters to mass adoption, which is huge news for Bitcoin as Tesla CEO Elon Musk, currently estimated to be the world’s wealthiest person, disclosed that his company bought $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin. It’s a big bet that seems to have paid off in the short term, as the company’s holdings grew by 35% immediately after the news. Tesla made more money from this one trade than from its entire 17-year history as a car maker.

It’s also a massive vote of confidence in bitcoin. …

When we created Celsius, we saw that the crypto space needed a movement that was community-oriented.

In the Summer of 2017, Celsius was just an idea dreamt up and written down on a coffee shop napkin by myself and co-founder Daniel. At the time, our ideas might have sounded unrealistic or even radical. Even today, a crypto company driven towards fighting banks, empowering the common man, and helping them achieve financial freedom sounds crazy, right?

Since then, Celsius has now crossed $5.3B in assets, a 10X year-over-year growth, and acquired over 340,000 active users worldwide. I try to remind myself every day that we are still earning the trust of new users who are entrusting their…

Most of the money in the world still lives in centralized bank like systems, we need to build bridges between CeFi and DeFi if we are to bring so many new people to Crypto.

Not even a month into the new year, and we’re already back on the Bitcoin rollercoaster! After hitting an all-time high on New Year’s Day, the rising Q4 Bitcoin tide has started to ebb, and skeptics are again predicting that the sky is falling. And I don’t blame them! With this new year comes a new presidential administration and new uncertainties on policy outlook. It’s only natural for investors to assess where cryptocurrencies stand after such a confusing and uncertain 2020.

I, for one, am not panicking. We’ve told our users for weeks now that we expect to see a…

It’s simply not realistic for the price of BTC to continuously increase at such a rapid rate.

This past Monday, we experienced another plunge in the price of Bitcoin, dropping down to a little over $30k. At Celsius, we don’t trade Bitcoin or take market positions, but we’re always ready for any kind of market movement and volatility as we manage risk for the loans we issue, so we provide notices and share information we have to warn and protect our community. Take a look at what we did in the past few weeks:

1. We warned the community a correction is coming (multiple times) and suggested they lower their exposure and pay down debt.

2. We…

Alex Mashinsky

Founder of @CelsiusNetwork | Transit Wireless| Arbinet | Tech Innovator with over 50 patents and awards

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